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General Information
Just the Facts clarifies some common misconceptions about the VCF on a range of topics including who is eligible, how awards are determined, information on VCF registration deadlines, presence documentation, and how to register and file claims.
General Information
The VCF remains operational at this time, although we continue to experience delays in several areas of claims processing. This update includes important information regarding outgoing correspondence and deadlines for appealing the decision on your claim.
General Information
Updates made to Hearings procedures.
General Information
FAQ Updates made in English, Spanish, Polish and Chinese.
Instructions for firms who have an agreement with the claimants they represent that VCF payments will be made directly to a law firm bank account.
Attorney Certification of Compliance with Provision on Limitation on Attorney Fees
Program Reporting
This weekly report provides general information regarding each individual award determination issued by the VCF.
Definitions of claim statuses used in the online claims management system.
A summary of the claim review process.