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There are two deadlines in the VCF’s claim filing process: a Claim Filing Deadline and a Registration Deadline. It is important to distinguish between the two and be aware of which applies to your individual circumstances.

We have comprehensive information about each deadline, as well as details about when to register, and when to file a claim.


You might have mail. Although the VCF is not currently able to mail hardcopy letters, we will continue to generate letters on a daily basis, and electronic copies of each letter will be uploaded to online claims daily. You can view all correspondence on your claim online through the claims system. If you do not have online access to your claim, please call the VCF Helpline, or contact your attorney (if you are working with one).


Forms and Resources

This page includes links to VCF forms and resources to help you complete your claim.  If you file your claim using the online system, many of the forms listed below are incorporated into the online form and you will not need to complete them as separate files. Depending on the circumstances of your specific claim, you will not need to complete all the forms listed below.  Use our Document Checklist (Personal Injury and Deceased Claim) to ensure you have provided the VCF with all the appropriate documentation in support of your claim. 

The documents are provided in PDF format, where possible, to make it easier for you to complete and print. If you type data into a form, please remember to save the file with a different file name in order to save your changes.

Many items are regularly updated so please use the links below to ensure you are using the newest version of each document. Several resources have been translated and can be viewed directly on our Spanish, Polish and Chinese language pages, or by choosing the appropriate version to the right of the document.




How to Guides and Checklists


When the Claimant is not the Victim


General Resources

Online Claims Management System